Educational difficulties are inherent in a cross cultural context. Living among one of the poorest countries in the world intensifies those difficulties. The problems are greatly increased for theological training. The tools needed for a sound, Biblically based theological education are sorely lacking and the resources for the national pastors and missionaries are even more limited.
It is the goal of the Fundamental Baptist Institute of Ouagadougou to produce sound, fundamental Baptist preachers and missionaries among the Burkinabe. Our goal has been to develop a vital, viable, and vibrant Institute. It is vital that its graduates maintain Biblically based convictions in the midst of the ecumenical confusion running rampant throughout the world today.
It will be viable when its students can confront their culture with Biblically based convictions. It will be vibrant when its graduates are able to define and defend their convictions and transmit them to their individual churches. The Fundamental Baptist Institute of Ouagadougou has been established to spiritually help Christians follow the will of God for their lives. It exists simply to teach the word of God to those who believe that God has called them for a special and specific ministry.